Investment Objectives and Strategy

Our primary investment objectives are to pay attractive and stable cash distributions and to preserve, protect and return capital contributions to stockholders.

Our investment strategy is to originate and manage a diversified portfolio consisting of (i) commercial real estate loans to U.S. companies qualifying as “eligible portfolio companies” under the 1940 Act, including mezzanine loans, first and second lien mortgage loans, subordinated mortgage loans, bridge loans and other commercial real estate-related loans related to or secured by high quality commercial real estate in the United States and (ii) preferred equity real estate investments in U.S. companies qualifying as “eligible portfolio companies” under the 1940 Act; provided, however, that we are not a “diversified company” as defined in the 1940 Act. We may also purchase select commercial real estate-related debt securities, such as commercial mortgage-backed securities (“CMBS”) or collateralized debt obligations (“CDOs”).

We structure, acquire and maintain a portfolio of investments that generate a stable income stream to enable us to pay attractive and consistent cash distributions to our stockholders. We directly structure, underwrite and originate most of our investments, as we believe that doing so will provide us with the best opportunity to invest in loans that satisfy our standards, establish a direct relationship with the borrower and optimize the terms of our investments; however, we may acquire existing loans from the originating lender should our adviser determine such an investment is in our best interest. We may hold our investments until their scheduled maturity dates or may sell them if we are able to command favorable terms for their disposition. We may also seek to realize growth in the value of our investments by timing their sale to maximize value. We believe that our investment strategy allows us to pay attractive and stable cash distributions to our stockholders and to preserve, protect and return our stockholders’ capital contributions, consistent with our investment objectives.

Terra Income Advisors’s management team has extensive experience in originating, acquiring, structuring, managing and disposing of real estate-related loans similar to the types of loans in which we intend to invest. In order to meet our investment objectives, we generally seek to follow the following investment criteria:

  • focus primarily on the origination of new loans;
  • focus on loans backed by properties in the United States;
  • invest primarily in floating rate rather than fixed rate loans, but we reserve the right to make debt investments that bear interest at a fixed rate;
  • invest in loans expected to be repaid within one to five years;
  • maximize current income;
  • lend to creditworthy borrowers;
  • construct a portfolio that is diversified by property type, geographic location, tenancy and borrower;
  • source off-market transactions; and
  • hold investments until maturity unless, in our adviser’s judgment, market conditions warrant earlier disposition.

While the size of each of our investments generally ranges between $3 million and $20 million, our investments ultimately are at the discretion of Terra Income Advisors, subject to oversight by our Board. We focus on smaller, middle market loans which are financing properties in primary and secondary markets because we believe these loans are subject to less competition, offer higher risk adjusted returns than larger loans with similar risk metrics and facilitate portfolio diversification.

To enhance our returns, we employ leverage, including leverage resulting from issuance of the notes, as market conditions permit and at the discretion of our Terra Income Advisors, but in no event will leverage employed exceed 50% of the value of our assets, as required by the 1940 Act.